What I’ve been learning about ADA compliant design and the things able-bodied people don’t think about.

Image with a wheelchair, blind, and deaf symbols
Image with a wheelchair, blind, and deaf symbols

When I was just 15 years old, I spent a summer studying molecular biology and legal research at Columbia University in NYC. Like most other students embarking on this summer session, I was living on campus in the dorms. It was exciting to be in the Big Apple with so many like-minded people my age from around the world.

On the first day of class, I was exhilarated. I went out of my way to stock up on all the Columbia University notebooks and pens. …

How I made a 300% return in three months trading options as a complete amateur…and yes I know options are scary.

Everyone has probably heard of Robinhood by now, and those in finance have definitely heard of retail investors. This year has been unprecedented in many ways and in the trading world, retail investors have started making a dent unlike any time before.

If you don’t know what retail investors are, here is the definition from Investopedia: Retail investors are non-professional market participants who generally invest smaller amounts than larger, institutional investors.

So basically, as someone who doesn’t have nearly as much capital as a typical institutional investor, I am a retail investor. With the surge of us retail investors, the…

It’s not about designer babies. It’s about finally putting an end to cancer, world hunger, and more centuries-long tragedies.

CRISPR technology finally gets the recognition it deserves with the Nobel Prize, yet so many non-scientists have still never even heard about it.

I’m by no means a scientist or even remotely close to being one. I’m merely a product lover with a keen interest in the sciences. So, I’m not going to pretend as if I’m writing a research paper here. But if anything, that should be even more of a reason to believe that CRISPR will inevitably become a staple dinner table topic, and not just discussed amongst the most elite intellects of our generation.

I know a…

How the attempt to hide and diminish my thoughts has pushed me to a breaking point.

Ever since I was young, I remember being afraid of my thoughts. I can recall as far back as when I was just eight years old. I had watched a horror film, and by the end of it I was screaming and crying to my mom because I had a thought that I might kill someone like the character in the film. These thoughts felt intrusive, like the more I thought about them, the less control I had over myself. I felt the impulsive need to get rid of them.

Growing up, I had found ways of managing these obsessive…

Stephanie Juall

Product Designer prone to overthinking everything. Writing about mental health, self truth, and tech.

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